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I'll give you a tip Ocho: Start by asking yourself why the company has implemented that clause in the ToS. What is its purpose.IMO, it should be used as back-end support for issuing infringements (not used on the front lines) [sadly we can't rely on GM's to provide CS]I think naming infringements on RP shards should be handled on a case-by-case basis once X reports have been filed in Y amount of time. Infringements should be handed out by CS staff and not GMs. Put processes in place to handle these as well, should help you with retention on this matter.
GMs and CS staff are the exact same people and your description of how actions should be taken is exactly what we do. We do not take action until we receive reports from players. I also wanted to clear up the notion that there are some "power tripping" GMs who are letting specific people slide, this is not accurate and not anything I have ever seen and I have been dealing with the CS in RIFT for longer than pretty much any GM you will talk to. If you had an example of a player who is being allowed to slide please PM me the details.
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