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Okay so it's one thing to have a rules of name on the rp shard, and enforce it equaly, then there is what trion is doing. So basicly if you get known, or make an enemy you're in risk of getting force name changed, or banned from the shard. Mean while players such as "Slippeh" and "Buttbleeder" are given free passes. This kinda ruins the entire thing. When you skip the names that actualy sounds bad and have no possibility to be an "rp" name, to harrass players who names are possible but references, or otherwise.. It shows a major baised. If your going to enforce it, enforce it equaly. Get everyone on faeblight who does not have a real name. Or allow people to use non-rp names. Not to mention most people on Faeblight do not even rp, only a small group of us do. So update the rule, or make it atleast fair and get everyone.
How do you propose we achieve universal enforcement?
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