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  • Molten Wave consumes too much Fury imo. If it were less, you could cast it twice in a row so that the second Molten Wave would deal more damage due to the stacking debuff it places. You can do it as it is, but it really punishes you by placing you into Cunning and means it takes a lot of globals to get you back to 100 fury for Skill Shot.
  • Please give us a buff that tells us that we cannot get another Skill Shot proc for it's duration. This would make it much easier to keep track of as at the moment, you have to guess when the Skill Shot proc will be available.
  • Primal Avatar: Drake is massively lack lustre for being a 1 minute cooldown as well as being a Primal Avatar which is meant to be one of Primalist's selling points. It simply doesn't do enough damage.
  • I am concerned with Molten Wave being an AoE ability, Vulcanist will lose ST whether it wants to or not if there are adds surrounding it's target. I am not a fan of this.
1) It's intended to be a huge fury spend so you have to work to get it back up before doing it again. This takes the place of it having a cooldown.2) Sure thing3) Well aware4) It's a concern.
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