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Conflagrate - Currently, the debuff this ability provides (Slag - 7% increased non-phys dmg for 15s) is in its own stacking group, making it unique and stack with everything. Currently, only the support souls (and Inq who typically doesn't apply it) bring this debuff which lasts 30s and overwrite eachother, and it should probably stay this way. I believe the intent of this debuff was to copy the 5% non-phys debuff for 30s that either Defilers or Inqs typically provide through Tenebrious Distortion (applied by Marrow Harvest, spread by Unholy Nexus) or Clinging Spirit (applied by Bolt of Depravity or Soul Drain). Sigil of Spirits from Cab and Ember Bombs from Sab also apply this debuff, but aren't common. Anyways, I believe the Slag debuff needs to not be unique and fall in line with the other 5% non-phys debuff to give another option on how this debuff is applied, just like the pull in Dervish brings a new Lethal Poison-esque crit debuff. Suggestions:
  • Slag needs to be a 5% non-phys debuff (down from 7%) that lasts 30s (up from 15s).
  • Slag needs a way to be spread to additional targets like the other debuffs of its kind. The easiest way to do this is to make one of the 2-point talents in Vulcanist similar to Tenebrious Distortion and Clinging Spirit. For example, Moment of Brilliance or Enraged Salvo can also make Molten Wave and Conflagrate apply Slag which increases non-physical damage taken by 2.5% per point invested.
  • Slag needs to no longer be 100% unique as well as not stack with the current 5% non-phys debuffs other souls provide. This way you have more choices on which soul is best to provide this debuff.
Slag currently sits on the same stacking group as Spiritual Deficiency and debuffs by the same amount. The trade off is that it has to be reapplied very 15s because of the damage dot it comes with instead of every 60s with Spiritual Deficiency since it is only a debuff. I just tested this with an Cleric and they do indeed overwrite each other. Slag spreading to multiple targets is a good suggestion. I'll probably put it on a Mastery as a secondary effect rather than adding it as a talent though.
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