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I had similar issues a few days ago (perhaps fixed by now, will try it again later to check) with the 'i' block, specifically attempting to place it (as the first piece) along an edge while completing the loop on a wall. I was however able to complete as the last piece completing the loop in the open one tile width from the shorter wall and 4 tile widths from the longer wall along the tile.Basically placing the 'i' block from (0,0) to (1,5) seemed to work when completing the loop at point (1,4) but not at (0,y) for any y or (0,x) for any x though I did not perform exhaustive testing. The issue appeared to also affect the rotated solution.At any rate after messing with the loop for a while it correctly placed and completed the puzzle.I notice the above problem is not apparently related to these conditions as it is not touching any edge.Also the numerous solution(s) are well known, after a few attempts on my own I successfully used the one obtainable from my first search hit. So if you are so frustrated that even beating on Dead Simon in game (literally) doesn't help, a source should not be hard to find. I at least suggest people attempt it on there own a few time since it is at least fun.
Screen shots would be very helpful. I will try placing the 'Agah-go' (pink) or as you call it i piece against the wall in all it's possible positions though and see if I can find a problem.
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