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very nice question regarding this Do you plan on buffing the damage or lowering the CD? Atm in the t3 test gear I have 14200ish AP x 5 would mean it does about 71k damage (with no crits) for a 1 minute primal avatar cd making the 21 point avatar for vulcanist weaker than the 65 point mastery active 3 which I assume will stay similar to what it is when masteries start getting finalized. I mean hey it's still free damage so no complaints if it stays this way, I was just wondering why it was set-up like this.
Honestly, it had been so long since I last touched the ability that I couldn't remember which was supposed to be correct. The ability functioning as is or the description field. So, I went with updating the description per the function. It is completely possible that I was in the process of changing it to the prior and only got to the description field done before being pulled away to do something else.
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