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With the current spawn rate, I'm pretty sure it would be possible to kill all NT rares in one day, if you had like 4 hours playtime.
That may be _possible_ but certainly not a sure thing. But yes, speaking as a player, NT rares were the easiest to knock out. I snagged them all over a period of a few days with no camping. Just would log in, run by spawn points (as shown using Map Extension and RareDar mods, not using in-game knowledge or tools since I was involved with setting up NT rare spawns) and log back out.For SL rares (which have also not been touched in regards to rarity aside from my fix to the two Architect rares in Dendrome), I didn't find them too difficult either, but still more than NT.Classic rares certainly have gotten easier in the last year mostly because of my change to make them not aggro on Rift mobs. That change was pretty huge in terms of rare spawn up time because some rares would spawn and immediately march into a foothold or rift. That said, classic rares remain the most elusive in large part to long paths that they follow and multiple widely dispersed possible spawn points in some cases.Happy hunting!
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