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OK so no, you can't use Berserker/Typhoon yet.On another note: Strength is still labeled as "Important to your calling".
Will look into it but I'm sure that Secondary stats have this notation.
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Orb grant strength instead of dex. orbs labeled max stat don't work on the gear.
Will fix.
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Can you introduce ability ranks into Primalist so damage and healing scales correctly during each bit of content.Rank 1 Level 1 - 50Rank 2 Level 51 - 60Rank 3 Level 61 - 65This should help to make Primalist more balanced especially whenever a soul requires a buff at Level 65.
Not sure what you mean here because there are ranks through the level ranges from 1 to 65. Are you saying that the lower levels are more powerful than the upper levels?
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