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Hi all,In today's PTS build, we pushed up some follow-up changes to our revamp of Harbinger from 3.3. The following changes are included:
  • Changed Storm Shroud to force 3 critical hits, instead of force one Eldritch Gift proc.
  • Storm Shroud's cooldown reduced down to 30 seconds. Storm Shroud's stealth duration reduced down to 4 seconds.
  • Storm Shroud no longer breaks on damage taken.
  • Empyrean Ascension now increases damage dealt by 40%, up from 25%.
  • Rending Slash applies 1 stack of 9% debuff instead of 3 stacks of 3% debuff.
  • Combat Mastery now also reduces damage taken by 5%.
  • Rending Slash's damage has been reduced by 4%.
Why these changes, you ask? We're happy Harbinger's viable in PvE, but want to address several QoL issues as well as improve its PvP viability. Additionally, we want to make 61 points in Harbinger feel more attractive as a damage-dealing option than the 54-point hybrid build, allowing you to choose between sacrificing some damage for good raid healing utility or being a full-on damage machine.So please, harbinger players, take the spec for a spin on the PTS and post parses in this thread. I think there's a possibility that the spec's net damage will be too high with this current list of changes, so we may have to tune down some attack values in the near future. That said, I hope you find these changes make Harbinger more fun to play, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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