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Hey all, We wanted to share a write-up from Sven Bybee, our Lead Concept Artist on RIFT. He's the inspiration behind our Grey2k Promotion, which we hope you'll enjoy!
About 8 years ago I began considering the idea of rescuing a dog and began my search by looking into types of dog breeds that would fit my lifestyle. In my search I learned about Greyhounds and Whippets. After doing a bit of research, they seemed like they could be a great option, but like many people, I had this misconception of them being too much to handle. As I researched more, I realized not only were they amazing house dogs, but they were also in dire need of good homes. It wasn’t until I moved out to the Bay Area that I felt the time was right and there were fortunately a couple different organizations in the area working hard to find good homes for these wonderful hounds! After contacting one of these organizations they began helping me understand the differences between retired Greyhounds and normal dogs. I soon discovered how special these dogs really were. I was convinced, not only was it the dog breed for me, but I also desperately wanted to help out and also be a part of such a great cause. About 3 years ago my wife and I adopted our Greyhound. He is a very large, black, male who we named “Fenrir”. He is such an amazing dog, and we instantly feel in love with the big happy dope! The organization we adopted him from is amazing, and the people involved really are there to help everyone out and support each other, and especially the dogs! They always say you can never get just one…and I am learning this is true! We are not only looking into helping Foster more Greyhounds, but also would like to adopt another permanently. This however will have to wait until we get a bigger place ;) Because of all of the experiences I have had through these great organizations, and the amazing breed I have come to love so dearly, I wanted to create a fantastical mount within RIFT that was inspired by these amazing dogs. Greyhounds are also incredibly fast…and what would make a better mount other than a large version of a Greyhound!? ;) I dedicated one of the versions of this mount to my boy Fenrir. The black version of this particular mount, I copied Fenrir’s color pattern and added him to the world of Rift. Greyhounds are simply AMAZING and very special dogs, and there are so many out there who are in dire need of great homes. I am very passionate about these dogs and the rescue organizations that work so hard to save these dogs and give them good homes. I am happy I have had the opportunity to share them with everyone in RIFT!
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