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Liberator has one false translation in the talenttree "Komfortzone". German- Komfortzone: Verfolgen heilt bis zu 10 [...] English- Comfort Zone: Persecute and Mass Opression heals up to 10 [...] There is no skill "Verfolgen" *** Liberator has one false translation in the talenttree "Freiheitsbewegung". German- Freiheitsbewegung: Freiheitsbewegung wirkt sich auf 3 [...] English- Liberation Movement: Liberation Treatment affects 3 [...] There is no skill "Freiheitsbewegung" *** Also on Liberator Aigis der Freistatt Ägis des Advokaten *** Also on Liberator tree Eifriger Advokat: Ägis des Advokaten erhöht den verursachten Schaden für Fähigkeiten um 2% pro Kumulierung *** There is on more on Liberator talent where im not sure what it really should mean, because the english text is also not clearly. German- Gewaltlose Ausbildung: Erhöht den Beitrag von Angriffskraft und Waffen [...] English- Nonviolence Training: Increase your Weapon and Attack Power contribution [...]
Hello-- (For brevity, I removed some sentences from my quote of your post, but no offense -- and your full original post was helpful). We'll look into each of these points for the next hotfix. The only thing that would prevent improvements from happening within a week would be if we were to discover deep dependencies between these text strings and many others. Thank you.
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