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On the last quest of the Nightmare Saga, when you finally face Lord Arak, I think the German translation for his last mechanic is rather poor, if not downright incorrect.The yellow text according to this thread contains the phrase "leap up against it (...)", while the german text goes something like "Kämpft dagegen an, oder versinkt in der Dunkelheit", which gives no hint at all that you need to jump to not eat tons of damage.Almost seems like the translator also read "lean up against it (...)" just like the person who started that thread, and/or didn't know the important hinting of these messages.
Hello--I'm not sure what happened there.We implemented the following rewrites in time for the hotfix this week, although we didn't mention it in the patch notes:
  • Albträume gedeihen in schlafenden Seelen. Sollte Euch Schwäche übermannen, so kämpft dagegen an und springt in die Höhe oder versinkt in der Stille des Todes.
  • Si vous vous sentez faiblir, reprenez-vous et bondissez, ou bien laissez-vous entraîner par la quiétude de la mort.
Thank you.
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