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The obvious connotation is that melee doesn't work (well) in the majority of wf's. That is not breaking news. What stuck with me is not so much the comment but some of its implications.
So there are a variety of reasons melee is more challenging to play in PvP than ranged specs, all other things being equal. One of these is the way many of the Warfront Maps are designed. Blighted Antechamber was definitely designed with that in mind, because you can address issues in many different ways. Of course feedback on that design decision was watched carefully and has proved quite interesting. This isn't a quick fix type situation. There are a lot of ways to address these additional challenges, going with bad fixes will just swing the pendulum in another direction. So we proceed cautiously, testing things. This isn't us not caring, if that was the case we would never have designed a more melee friendly map to begin with. Or opened up asymmetrical Warfront map design by working on Assault Mode. I know I for one will be interested in the Range vs. Melee debates that occur in regards to Assault on Bronze Tomb.
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