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For starters could we not be restricted to Tulan/Biofoundry for Raid instances? Not only are they often the cause of significant ability lag, or lag in general, but they also have massive problems with bugs and mistiming mechanics. Threngar alone our Tanks keep falling through the floor, and the P3 smashes often trigger too early or late. It makes T2 progression increasingly difficult, and some weeks we haven't even managed to kill Threngar due to how broken the hosting server is.
Next week (assuming nothing goes wrong as I feel I should state :-P ) I plan on having some more optimizations go in as well as some other things that will give me additional information regarding any ability lag that might be taking place. Regarding any mechanics that are behaving improperly, feel free to PM them to me if you have videos, videos are very helpful and it shows me what's going on and I can analyze it a bit more. I have seen my fair share of strange things while raiding and from my personal experience it hasn't had anything to do with Tulan/Biofoundry, but it's possible it does now and that's one thing I am trying to get to the bottom of.
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