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If you stop making voice in French and german, can you add an option to make ALL NPC speaking english in our localized clients?Having some NPC speaking French and some other speaking english is very annoying.
Hello--We hear you on this. If the ability to toggle is in code already and this requires only the addition of an interface option, I would think this feature request could move forward at some point. Before the game goes live is of course the best time to plan for a feature like this, which RIFT didn't do because unlocalized VO wasn't on anyone's mind at the time.Note that on the technical side, if the feature led to the risk of German and French VO "leaking" into the English version client as a bug, this proposal would become less attractive (to any dev team at any company).I'm speaking without any research on this yet but it would be win-win if a small change by the dev team could enable a community add-on that achieves the desired result.No ETA on a formal response about this. If the plan does go forward you'll hear about it somewhere without having to hunt for it (here / blog / live stream / somewhere...). For this moment, staring at a puzzling number of broken recipe names...Thank you.
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