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Will Primalist be available on the PTS for everyone or do you have to purchase the pack to try it before release?
Our current plan is to have a very broad test of Primalist on PTS. We don't have details on that quite yet.
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Will it be possible to change the calling of an existing character to the Primalist Calling?
No, no way to do that at this time. Not something we've discussed extensively.
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Will purchasing the Wilds Pack when you already have the full complement of 12 character slots unlocked, give you a 13th slot?If yes, to anyone else reading this who has purchased it, has this been tested/confirmed to work for you?
The additional slot will allow you to go to 13, however this will not be available until 3.4.
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Is it safe to assume... if you purchase 'The Wilds Pack' you get any future Primalist souls?
The Primalist is unlocked with 6 souls as part of The Wilds pack, the same as if you purchase just the Calling once 3.4 is live. Any future souls would be purchased separately.
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