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you are correct, not all guilds use TopofRift to report progress. I was merely pointing out that the number of guilds that report to top of rift has plummeted. I only drew the conclusion of "less guilds reporting" = less guilds overall which in turn = less population in the game. If you feel that there are more guilds progressing and they just don't want to report anything to topofrift, you are entitled to your opinion but I would disagree.
Just for the sakes of data You can't compare something a year old to something a couple months old and expect to come to any meaningful conclusions.In order to make it meaningful you at least need to cohort it by kill date or something, even then its really not enough but it's good enough for illustration.I just looked quickly at topofrift so this maybe off a bit but I am hoping it's enough information to show what I'm talking about.from top of rift, the links you gave prior:First:Murdantix 04/15/2015 09:39Last:Murdantix 07/26/2015 01:07There is a 102 day spread on this data composing of 53 guildsIf we take that same spread and use it starting with the first Gelidra kill on 11/18/2012 until 2/28/2013, 102 days later we get:51 guilds for Gelidara as of 02/28/2013Conclusion(i use this loosely), using the data provided:There are more guilds raiding now~BDD
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