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The rehash of existing souls really is a shame I'm less excited about the new class
I can promise you that the Primalist souls are not actually rehashes of existing souls. But saying that wouldn't make for nearly as funny of a youtube video, I suspect. :P But seriously, at no point did we sit down and say 'OK, let's make this soul like this other soul but different colors.' All of the Primalist souls are designed whole-cloth around one new concept - Dervish is supposed to feel like you are a whirlwind flurrying your weapons at your target, for instance. While Preserver features plants and water in its theming and art, it plays nothing like Chloromancer or Warden, as another example. Typhoon isn't about Ice at all, unlike Stormcaller, as yet another example.But, we hear you guys! We're actively going through all the trees now and making sure we didn't subconsciously ape any previously existing trees. Thanks for all the feedback.
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