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The fact that the pack is $99 isn't the biggest issue. Its that everyone's first interaction with real information from Trion on the new calling is this pack.
We fiddled around with the contents of the pack to see if we could get something at a lower price point as well, but given what is in the pack and when those things can be delivered, it didn't really make sense. Either it would be a bad deal or too generous. Part of that is how the assets are coming in; what we could give out now wouldn't make as much sense.Since the Calling itself isn't granted ahead of time with the pack, a big part of the value of the pack is delayed. It's a better solution to wait and have that available by itself at launch of 3.4.The timing was rough overall. The pack was supposed to be held until the article was released, but it mistakenly showed up a bit early. I was in Germany for Gamescom when it happened, as was Archonix and Red Hawk. This also slowed our responses and let things build up a bit before we could get involved in the discussion. These things are all a bit unfortunate, but in the long run it'll smooth out fairly quickly. We'll have tons of detail to show off this Friday on the Livestream.
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