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So Seatin uploaded a video with abit of sarcasm towards the "Originality" off the souls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Qm_yYLTNw While it is rather funny but not all on point I must ask since it seems the devs are reading this thread why was it that the souls where chosen as they where? I mean many off them feels like straight copies. Aoe soul focused on water and air? I mean you could pick any element to use? Why these? Because we allready had all the assets developed for it? Stormcaller/Crusia and a friggin water exapansion? Was it a pure cost saving messure?
No, they were picked for theme. The details of how they play are completely different, that's not dictated by elements. Without information you can guess anything, wait and play them during the test. Then if they aren't to your liking you know based on actual information. For the record I appreciated the video.
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