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It seems to me that things in Rift are getting pricier and pricier. The $100 Primal Pack is a no go... we are talking about 1 partially finished class and some pixel crack for $100. I don't know what Burning Legion will run, but my guess is half of that. Just like the dye pallet 16,200Cr or the gear bundles 45,900Cr for weapons and 54,000Cr for armor (keep in mind these are patron prices). This puts the dyes somewhere around $85 and the weapons and armor almost $250 and $290, assuming you buy your credits in the largest packs.Is Rift pricing itself out of the market? Maybe the high gear prices are justified to ward off accusations of PTW?What are your thoughts?
The expansion for WoW is selling content and level cap raises. We give you those for free. I'll try not to hold it against them.That being said the Wilds pack is a premium optional offering, it's not meant to appeal to everyone. It's got a lot of stuff included, and is a bit pricey because of that. If it's not your thing, that's absolutely fine, but that doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to someone else.
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