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Thanks for the replies; I am sure the team is doing its best to put out a great xpac. To my fellow gamers if you assume everyone and every entity acts purely out of self-interest you are usually right. Trion needs to put out a product they can monetize, therefore I am sure they want to put out a great product at a price point people will pay for. If we see content being streamlined for ease of development well for those of you in the business world you know everything everywhere is being streamlined these days. All that said . can we get a pvp dev . Im sure if that aspect of the game got a little love many people would come back as that was the part they enjoyed the most.
While I'm not exactly a dev, I spend an disproportionate amount of my time working with the team on PvP. Recently we've done a pretty fair amount, everything from the upcoming new Warfront and Warfront mode to little changes like showing premades in the score screen. Archonix and I talk about what can be done for PvP on almost a daily basis.
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I get what you are saying (kinda), it just seems like it is gonna be hard to sell that to players who want to know what the best dps / tank / heal options are. Especially when they find out that the class is locked behind money. I am not a paid liason to the general public on behalf of Rift, but I really think you do not realize how much actual game time I spend convincing NEW players this game is not ptw (give me another term that describes this better). This is with the currently "Necessary" things that are locked behind money, I am concerned that those people that myself and others are able to convince to stay and grind will be pushed over the top if the "best" class is p2p. I really believe this Class should have been F2P with maybe 3 or 4 souls and then you could have charged for two soul packs to make up the difference. It seems we are locked into this now, but if I were Trion I would not rule out a alternate way to "grind" for the class (even if it were ridiculously hard to do).
I get you, as the person who is the "paid liason" it's not always easy and I've been doing this a long time so I have lots of practice. Deciding when, how, and what to monetize is always a real challenge. Costs to make games have dramatically inflated over the last decade, but the amount people spend has decreased on an individual level or stagnated. 10 years ago the equivalent to Patron for almost every game was 14.99. Today Patron is roughly 14.99 (regional pricing and build discounts of course change it slightly). Costs have more than doubled over the same time frame (think about the art assets and how complex they are compared to back then) and RIFT has a huge development team. So when things are going to be monetized we talk a lot about it. I sat down and talked with Daglar and Archonix for hours over things like the earring slot and how we can make it available both in game and for purchase, Planeswalker: Water was very similar. Primalist is no exception to this, and I certainly gave my feedback on this topic from my role as Community Manager in RIFT. What it comes down to in the end is some things have to be monetized, and the larger the team working on the game the more we need to do to keep developing RIFT and giving you all more incredible stuff to do. Our goal is always to make sure that a free player is perfectly capable of every activity in the game, that there are ways to acquire almost everything in game (even if that means getting it from another player) for free, and that the majority of time you've got options for paying for variety of playstyle, ease of access, and cosmetic items. Things like the Storm Legion and Dream souls or the Primalist are not intended to be necessary to core play. You can do everything in the game without them. Instead it's a different way to accomplish the same things, or expand the variety of playstyles open to you. You don't win by having Oracle, but it does allow you to take a support role from the Cleric calling. Any raid that finds an Oracle handy can do pretty much the same thing with a Bard although it may work a little differently. Other games have made other choices, things like paid content, and I can understand that (and have been privy to and part of some of those decisions in the past on some of those games). We don't like paid content as much because that separates you from your friends. It would suck to be grouped with a buddy and want to queue for the upcoming dungeon in Plane Touched Wilds and realize you have to leave him behind because he hasn't paid to unlock that content. That's the road we're working hard to avoid. And I'm pretty proud of the job the RIFT team has done. A new player coming to the game has a metric ton of stuff open to them right away. While they don't have access to every calling and soul, the variety that is available is astounding and more than enough for them to figure out about RIFT and what they like about it. If they do want to acquire some of the features we make available for credits or money, we often add in a way players can trade them one to another so that those who don't want to spend money can trade their efforts in game to acquire things. It's all up to the individual. Feedback like you have presented is important, and helps guide us in current and future decisions. It's important for you to understand why we make some of the decisions to monetize, which include reasons like fraud prevention and preventing gold farmers from destroying aspects of the game (that would be the primary reasoning for an AH lockout) that we need to communicate clearly. Other times it's because we want to make sure we have a big team who can deliver amazing stuff for absolutely no cost like the Plane Touched Wilds zone or all the content in Nightmare Tide for everyone to play. So keep it coming, whether it's saying we're doing well or not so well. That'll help us more than everything else; we're all partners in the amazing experience of RIFT.
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