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Quoting myself because to lazy to type this again.Ocho could you please provide me with a way to defend this new CLASS costing money, because it will come up many times and I need to be prepared to answer it.
I read it the first time. ;)Callings aren't necessary to play the game, or to "Win" whatever that means*. If a raid has a mechanic like no primalist = fail, then it becomes necessary and that would be a problem. A calling falls in line along with things like souls. You don't need physician, although it's my favorite soul to play at the moment. It can be handy, but you certainly don't need it.You can tank just fine without spending a dime on this game. You can heal just fine. You can dps fine. And we're happy to have you playing RIFT if that's how you want to do it. This Calling won't change that a bit. There are many folks who don't want to pay to play RIFT and we appreciate you. We do have to make money to keep making RIFT though, so we have to charge for some things. We'd rather charge for optional stuff, like callings and certain souls, and provide the most important thing (stuff to do) for free. So in RIFT you can be the max level top badass killing the newest raid boss coming in 3.4 without ever spending a penny. No purchasing an expansion to get level cap, no purchasing a zone to see the content. And if you want to play a different way, then you have the option. TL; DR We'd much rather give an amazing game to play for free, with opportunities to pay if you want, than lock you out of portions of the game until you give us some cash. *As an aside Pay to win is one of the silliest phrases ever, because it doesn't mean anything on its own. What is winning to me means nothing to you. What you like, means nothing to me. It's just jingoism and something to trot out whenever someone doesn't like something.
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