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Really liking the new look of the main website and forums, but is it possible you could fix the forum background for 2560x1440p users :c
Can you send me a screenshot privately, I can take a look. That being said we're working on new forums entirely.
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Forum design didn't change, they just swapped the background image from what it was previous.Interesting that they're trying to move away from riftgame.com and instead to trionworlds.com/rift/.
When RIFT was our only game, we architected our sites a bit differently on our back end. Since then we've gone to a different architecture and this mostly makes it easy for us to keep multiple products updated. RIFT's website was updated with this to fit into the rest of our larger system.
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Super curious about the font for Trion website and the planets and like this layout for finding info but it doesn't seem to correspond as much with the Community Blog, will this be getting an update too other then the font?
The blog as a separate site is being retired, it's been integrated in the main site now and that is what will be updated moving forward. I'll have information up on the old blog site about that this week, unfortunately this was all tied in with making announcements at Gamescom and there were plenty of things to do to get ready. The old blog site will remain as an archive, since converting it over would probably break some other stuff.
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