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Oh I have no doubt there will be some sort of bare bones pack at least I hope. Just silly imo to not post it now like the $99 one.
The reason we don't post it now is that it's not immediately usable. Much of the stuff in the Wilds pack is. Don't fear, we'll get it out at the right time.
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But I'd like to know why the Primalist is going to only be available through purchase and not be a part of the core F2P-model.
So content, things to do in the game, is free. Sometimes we charge for additional ways how to do it, things like soul packs or the new Primalist calling. You don't need Primalist to play RIFT, but you do need monsters to go kill. Primalist is an extra, a new way to enjoy playing RIFT, but it's absolutely not required.
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I was really excited for this and was prepared to spend about $50 on it since it's just a new calling - but $100 is absolutely ridiculous. Last time we got a whole expansion with the new souls. This is a total money grab in my opinion.I'm not one to be shy on spending money but I want something substantial in return - this falls flat.
Wait for the later opportunity. You'll have some cash left over in your pocket.
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My problem with the wild's pack, is that it's 30-40$ of fluff + Primalist, so I don't see the items in the pack itself being worth 100$.That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Primalist will be going for 8-10k credits come 3.4, which would justify the current 100$ price tag.
You value the items one way, someone else values it another. Some folks really like mounts, and maybe value them more than you. 8-10k credits would be really high.Gonna lock this one down, both by OP request and because we have other threads already talking about this pack and the new Calling.
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