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That's a pack with a lot of content so I'm guessing they'll sell just the Primalist on its own as well.
We'll definitely offer Primalist on its own with the release of 3.4. The Wilds bundle is a bundle with a lot of cool stuff. The mount is particularly nice, and a way to get it without a lockbox.
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Doesn't need for it to be released to see that this new calling is a completely gutted version of the soul system.
Yes, you do need to wait. A little experience with it and you'll see it's just fine.
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IMO $50 is to much for the new calling as people are suggesting. Personally I think it should be closer to the price of soul packs. $25 at the most or less people will buy it. At $25 it seems like more would buy making you more money. I was really excited about Primalist but these high price tags has me turning away. After all Xmas comes soon after this release and buying for others is more important then spending buku's of money on myself for a new calling.
Not sure where that number comes from, but that's not accurate. Don't listen to rumors.
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However the main point I'd like to make is that this is clearly part of the same trend that started in 3.0 ... its all about resource allocation IE dev time. Less gear = less dev time on itLess skills and smaller trees = less dev time to create and balance the souls Trion likely hired some efficiency expert or something ... I am not a fan of the changes but I think its clear that they are streamlining the game, content, skills, gear, in order to make better use of their human capital.
There are a lot of non choices in the current soul system, plenty of spaces where you basically have to take this or that. It's not hugely difficult to change the current trees to larger trees, but it won't be meaningful. It's just more points in this stat boost or that stat boost.There's no huge savings of dev time, it's just giving people meaningful choices. Not "hey, you have to spend 5 points here". When you see the Primalist livestream and get a chance to test it, it'll become a lot more clear exactly what we've done.
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Trion, what sort of plan do you have going forward to make the Primalist class more affordable for those of us who want to pay you for your hard work, but can't shell out $100 for it?
Again, this isn't the main way to get Primalist. This is a way to get Primalist and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. If the other cool stuff doesn't interest you, you'll be able to get Primalist on its own later.
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99 dollars is too much!Yeah the pack has so many things in it, but not many ppl can afford so much money just for a game!Hope there will be a cheaper pack Although i love the mount wish i could get itMake a pack with mount and the new calling?
The mount will be available later in a box separately as well. This pack is just for people who want all of it.
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And in case devs see this in the sea, we'd love to know: (1) what other methods will there be to purchase Primalist (Website/Steam/Amazon? Credits??) and (2) how much will they be?
I'll be working to get exact details once I get back into the office on Tuesday. I need to final confirm just to be sure. Check here for some early info.
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There would be more incentive to buy the pack if it gave us instant access to Primalist on the PTS so we could begin theory crafting. ;)
We're gonna give a wider group of people a chance to test, never fear.
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Theory crafting? Did you somehow miss the first 17 pages of this thread? ;)
That's more wild speculation than actual theorycrafting. ;)
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I returned to WoW once after I left with the start of Cata. The sorry remnants of the soul trees I found really scared me away within hours, and I did never return. If I want to play Diablo with a meager 3 skills in my action bar, I will play Diablo - and not Rift. The diversity of the soul system is one of the things that are special about Rift - removing this is a rather daft idea IMO.
Removing that would be a terrible idea. We are absolutely not doing that. The soul system is an amazing part of RIFT and hugely important to us. It'll be a lot more understandable once you can see how it works with Primalist.
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