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I agree wholeheartedly with your list. But... I'll redirect you to this one post which was also made into this thread. I think it's a good choice considering the current feeling of a lot of mages about Harbinger. 1. Looks like pretty good stuff to me. 2. Looks mostly factual considering the video to back up the claims. 3. The veracity of the data may not be 100% accurate due to the nature of the data required, but the data collected looks pretty objective to me. 4. Fair enough, starting a new thread on it wasn't very good. 5. I doubt anyone has control over "getting trolled", especially when the poster is well known amongst the Rift Community. I do agree on the fights with people part. There hasn't been a single post from any devs regarding Harbinger situation post 3.3. Was that post I linked ignored because the thread was too heated/filled with trolls/unconstructive? Edit: Sorry if I may sound hostile, I am just, like a lot of players I know, unhappy about the current state of class development. I appreciate very much that you are taking some of your time to answer me.
I think the OP there was pretty open about some of the flaws with their testing methodology. But it's a step in the right direction. They went out and gathered data, and did their best to outline the data and its limitations. That's freakin awesome. One issue that I would have is that it's a super narrow test, for PvP burst DPS. Not every soul is equal in burst, or frankly in PvP. Some souls are going to be better for specific circumstances. PvP burst is a very narrow criteria to be evaluating souls overall.
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