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What's the devs thought on Reaver breaking the entire game balance?I can point you to like 50 threads where Reaver is the main topic and none of those thread had a single answer from any dev on how they feel about Reaver being completely broken.The majority of players are still in the dark regarding what Trion think about Reaver or if there is anything that will be done.If the class guys don't have time, then please can you answer that question? If you don't want to do it in this thread, I'll gladly provide you with multiple links to other threads you can answer on.
Reaver could probably use a little adjustment. It hasn't been finalized yet or we'd likely communicate about it. This has been a subject of internal discussion.That being said people creating the same threads over and over again, and it's mostly the same folks discussing the issue, doesn't add extra weight to the topic. If you want to discuss something it's better to use an existing thread rather than creating yet another thread that the same people can argue in.
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The real question is:When will players be able to do a PVP match against the devs to release some frustration on both parts?
Playtest on Friday. 4 PM Pacific.
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