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So what is the best way to get a point across? Should I ask my entire guild and my friends to ask their friends and guilds to all come post on a thread I start to approve of something I said?Pretty sure petitions are as useless when it comes to that...
Logical argument and avoiding hyperbole are the best ways to get a point across. And we have had significant discussion based in part on many points players have brought up. We tend to hold off communication until we have at least a very good idea of exactly what the solution is, since communicating it before then can mislead people. And we usually avoid discussing things in threads when people are slinging around hyperbole and bad information. So to TL;DR
  • Post good stuff
  • Don't phrase opinions as facts
  • Include objective data whenever possible
  • Don't start new threads, use existing ones
  • Don't get trolled and get into fights with people
That gives you the best chances of getting a response, or us reading and seriously considering the feedback.
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