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And there is Trion's folly. You look at "participation data" for the raw number of people that walk into raid instances and declare "nothing is wrong". Can you explain to me how a guild that raids two days per week is the NA#1 guild, when there used to be dozens of guilds that raided for 20+ hours per week vying for that claim? Are we the best raiders to ever grace Telara, or is it perhaps that there's no competition left, none at all?
There's actually a lot of factors that go into something like this, and it's fairly predictable. The top end guilds are better at raiding than ever. They've self selected and evolved, have the members with the most experience, and by far the strongest recruiting power. It's natural that people who were most interested in and capable of these activities would tend to consolidate.Basically what you're describing is stratification, and it's healthy and expected. Our job is to help create opportunities for people to move between varying tiers of participation in an activity, otherwise it becomes unhealthy. So we add things like tiered raiding difficulties, which allow people (and groups of people) a more graceful path up and down the content ladder.You're looking at a very specific situation, you, and trying to draw generalities out about it. That isn't very useful because the accuracy isn't there. Don't worry about the big game, that's our job. Instead talk to us about what YOU would like to see, because that's where you are the biggest expert. And if the point is good we'll consider it, or maybe use it in some way.
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