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I jog at a park. There is an old man who walks around everyday muttering to himself, stopping now and again to scream and throw sticks at ducks. I hope Ocho gets out before he becomes the next-Gen crazy park guy.
I tend to stick with telling kids to get off my porch. I was already crazy before I got here, so it's fine. As to specific devs communicating, sometimes folks get busy. Maybe they're mostly busy on something we can't entirely talk about yet. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Vladd is the lead systems guy, and he's got a team. Not all of whom post on the forums. Sometimes it will be a while between communication, and sometimes it'll be more frequent. I know Red Hawk was posting a fair amount in and read the whole recent mage mega thread multiple times.Part of it I think is the what I call Internet Time Dilation. 1 hour is 6. 6 hours is a day. 1 day is a week, and a week is 37 years. And we'll never move as fast as that because things need to be fit in a schedule, prioritized, have time allotted, work completed, be integrated into a build, tested, and then pushed live in an update, and that will never feel as responsive as we might like.So can communications use some work? Always. There is no such thing as perfect communications. If the class guys don't necessarily have time, it's my job to help in that regard. That's something we can chat about, but this thread probably isn't the place.
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