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I have yet to see one realistic suggestion to improve WF matchmaking that doesn't involve unacceptable compromises (in the eyes of Trion). The closest to reasonable thing I've seen anyone suggest is to put on a "role" checkbox like Expert dungeons have. But I question whether it would actually be effective..
To elaborate on this point a bit more... Does it lock you into that spec? If not it is meaningless for balance purposes. If it does does that give the kind of PvP people want? Do you not want to be able to use the ability to switch specs in PvP to adapt to different circumstances or teams? There's actually a ton of questions about this, much more so than PvE where we can get a much better prediction of what you'll be facing. Sometimes matches between relatively even teams are blowouts. Sometimes matches are lost by a team that on paper should mop the floor with the other guys. Sometimes Seattle doesn't hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch for reasons I suspect I'll never understand.But here's the beauty of RIFT: if your team doesn't have healers, switch to a healing spec. Talk to your team and see if you can find other folks to help. Use that prep time as best you can to form a strat and figure out who on your team is the best to work with. The system allows a great deal of flexibility, use it wisely and you'll win more.Everyone is faced with the same Matchmaker, everyone is impacted equally. Over time you'll win and lose sometimes, based on your teams. But you do have an impact, you probably just won't carry every match. And that's the way it should be in group activities.
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