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This question is a lot like "When will you stop beating your wife?" There is no good answer, because the question 1) relies on a faulty premise and 2) is phrased in such a way that doesn't have the possibility of a positive answer. So let's get to some facts:
  • The RIFT Dev team is the largest Dev team I've ever worked with in almost a decade of working on triple A MMOs.
  • The team has grown over the last year and a half, and hiring for the team continues.
  • Population in RIFT is strong, lots of people play RIFT and lots of new people continue to start to play RIFT.
  • Profits from RIFT are certainly reinvested in RIFT. AA took 0 devs from RIFT. None, nada, zilch.
  • RIFT is in zero danger. We're really excited about the future, right now is a great time to be playing or working on RIFT.
Some folks will of course not believe this. They'll ask for proof. But that's a dead end path because if they don't want to trust us they can just accuse us of falsifying data, and specific data is confidential business information regardless. Other comments that frequently come up in regards to this topic: But you're reusing content! Hell yeah we are! Sometimes it makes sense. Not updating old content so no one does it is a loss for the game and for its players. We're not only reusing old content, we're also developing new content. Keep you eyes out over the next couple weeks, we might be announcing something. My guild and/or friendlist has less people! Yes, guilds naturally have rising and falling populations. If your guild is shrinking it's time to step up recruitment. If your friendlist is shrinking it's time to meet some new people. People naturally come and go from MMOs, real life happens or sometimes they just want change. A huge amount of them come back in the future. You can't get a friendlist/guild roster set and then expect it to never change. PvP/Raiding/Dimensions/Manugo Players are the core of the game and that community is shrinking! You don't have numbers, so you are guessing. I'll say it again, the population is healthy. See above about data on this topic. Trion doesn't care about RIFT anymore! Yes we do, don't be silly. RIFT is an incredibly important game to us.
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