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Localization Issue Status Summary 2015-07-29 17:00 Pacific Even if you don't see someone from Trion Loc posting here, we are making an effort to read this thread from the shadows. We'll probably get in touch by private message when we need more details to address your report. About reporting:
  • DESCRIPTION with the name of the affected item / recipe / gear / minion... If the name displays... Ouch
  • SCREENSHOT large enough for text to be readable. When mouseover text exists, showing it in the image is très +helpful+.
  • Report in German, French, English, Russian. Russian is officially a partial localization so English appearing in the Russian version won't be recognized as a bug.
  • The localization team does not have access to your character data or account data. We can't research "you" to locate the problem.
  • Post here, or private message to Xplikor. An in-game bug report form from the "?" icon in the lower-left shortcut bar inside the RIFT client is good but doesn't accept screenshots.
Everyone who patiently posted issues here before today should look forward to a special thanks in the 3.3-5 DE/FR patch notes. I anticipate the localized patch notes going live in Glyph on Friday Pacific time while you're watching our live streams (right???), late at night in Central European Time. If for some reason that doesn't happen, check under your pillow the next morning. The translation faerie never sleeps! Farewell until the next post / private message / patch note! scottg in Loc Post 2 (Wryn) Issue: Neidrig Status: The fix went live a few days ago. Post 3 (Souldrifter) Issue: Stammspeielr-Vorteile Status: Marketing asset no longer live. Fixed legacy translation data so it would not be inadvertently recycled. Post 4 (Aeryle) Issue: (1) Phase 90 vs 150. (2) Charge intériorisée. Status: (1) A fix was put live in the 20150729 hotfix. (2) Investigated but found to be fixed already. Post 5, 15 (Schneeball) Issue: (1) Stammspeielr-Vorteile. (2) Tyrannenschmede. (3) English displays in Planar Attunement. Status: (1) Marketing asset no longer live. (2) Tyrannenschmiede spelling mistakes no longer found in game data circa 20150729. (3) The screenshot in your Post-15 has been used to create an internal bug report and I expect we'll get a fix live in the next hotfix. Post 6 (Aeryle) Issue: New recipe localization circa hotfix 3.1-3. Status: Known issues were resolved by the dev team and loc team in or before March 2015. UPDATE: Aeryle was nice enough to get back to me by private message with some good details. The loc team will address whatever we find and publish a fix for loc data problems by mid-August. If code problems are discovered, and I'm "hoping" that's the cause, a fix may take much longer. Post 7 (Zami) Issue: (1) Recipe localization, particularly from 3.1-3. (2) Tyrant Throne loot. Status: (1) Known recipe issues resolved by March 2015, although see Post 6 status update. (2) Tyrant Throne loot localization should be complete. If you still notice problems please let us/me know at your convenience by citing specific loot names. Post 8 (Elayara) Issue: (1) Earring recipes display dummy text in game client. (2) English names not inserted where translation was presumably incomplete. Status: (1) The intended game text was eventually implemented and known bugs addressed. The timing of the fixes may have differed according to language version. It would be great if you could report any specific old (or new) problem items at your convenience. (2) Duping English into the localized versions as a fallback plan when translation cannot be completed is in fact our intention. Doing so, however, requires human intervention at specific timing and arcane magic by one of a select few people in the studio. The dev team does understand the cause-effect damage of last-minute content additions and tries hard to avoid adding anything that can't be localized in time for the patch. When the situation does occur, we work to get it cleared up in the next hotfix. It's understandably frustrating, agreed. Post 9 (Svealyn) Issue: Irregular German language usage by NPC. Status: The designer wrote the character to be that way. English and French versions feature similar linguistic irregularities to evoke characterization. Post 10 (Elayara) Issue: New achievements for hover disk are missing text and minion reward is unexplained. Status: All localization tied to this content was submitted and testing didn't turn up these particular issues. It's possible though unconfirmed for me that testing was not directed toward the full needed scope of content at the time. If you notice anything wrong even now associated with this content, we would certainly like to know, at your convenience of course. Post 11 (Koruen) Issue: Identical French translations are used for a mastery and an ability. Status: Confirmed 20150727 and we rushed a short-term fix just barely in time for the 20150729 hotfix. French players will now see "(Faith's Reward)" for the level 64 mastery until a permanent name can be applied. Rewarded Faith remains Récompense de foi. Post 12 (Moystia) Issue: (1) Artifacts for the Plane of Water don't appear in French. (2) Hammerknell Instant Adventure loot doesn't appear in French. (3) Frozen Dreams recipes don't appear in French. Status: (1) At this point I'm afraid we need you or another player to state specific examples. I don't know whether you're talking about vanilla Nightmare Tide content or something added for a patch afterward, so screenshots or at least a name or two would get this addressed MUCH faster, if it's still an issue. (2) We worked very, very hard on HK IA content so this report makes me feel as if... my pet has died. Could I ask that you please check again and update this thread or send me a private message with specific loot details? I'm not able to reproduce internally what you're reporting. (3) Confirmed for one item and an internal bug report now exists. If that bugfix turns up more problems, they'll get fixed. If not, it'll just be the one item, unless more info emerges from you or other players. Post 13 (lupercal16) Issue: (1) Strands of Draum and Strands of Arak recipes have no name in the recipes list. (2) Kondraum est fou de rage. Status: (1) Investigating. Assuming this is true, it might not be resolved within the next few hotfixes. (2) A fix was pushed live 20150729. Post 14 (Aeryle) Issue: (1) 3.3 planar crafting content missing from UI. (2) 3.2/Frozen Dreams missing name(s). Status: (1) Investigating. Assuming this is true, it might not be resolved entirely within the next few hotfixes. (2) Partially confirmed. Investigating. My concern is that a fix for what we do find will not catch all issues. It would be great if you could update us again circa late-August if you don't see a change or hear more from us. Post 14@P.S. (Aeryle, but you were all thinking the same thing) Issue: Trion Loc has not responded to bug reports since the thread opened in January. Status: Sadly, no one can disagree with that. We generally watch rather than jump onto forums, because there aren't enough hours in the day to act like a community manager and still finish our work on upcoming content. When these first 15 reports went unaddressed, it was because we believed the issues were taken care of already. For every 1 post here, we receive 10 issues reported through the in-game client bug report form. However, it became unbearably clear that good members here were losing faith due to the lack of public acknowledgement so I made time this week to publicly thank you, and personally address your posts in private messages first. I'm glad I did! We definitely didn't spot everything that you did. Note: I don't anticipate being able to make frequent and detailed posts in this way but I hope doing so this time helps reestablish trust. m(_ _ )m
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