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Actually I read this as if you try to re-synth person 1 without synthing person 2 in the middle (like you forgot who you had the synth on - or you're reapplying synthesis to someone you're running PVE with because it's nearly expired), then it cancels the crystal bonus. Work around (if I read it correctly) by targeting a second person and coming back is actually going to *add* problems because of the fact it will trigger the exploit already found with current synth-swap issue with the crystals, though this wouldn't apply in the casual open-world scenario i mentioned. Unless I'm missing something?
It's the case as you outlined in your first paragraph. It'll be fixed next hotfix. You weren't missing something, but we were - the patch notes have been updated to include that the Synthesis interaction with Savant's Crystal can now only affect one target, as originally intended.
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