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Does Silverwood's werewolf still spawn on the top of the southeasternmost tower of the Shadefallen Keep in Gloamwood?
Oh, no, that was fixed a long, LONG time ago. Basically, there were just some adds included with one of the GW rare werewolves, and for some reason it got set up using the SW rare werewolf as the adds.The SW werewolf only shows up in SW as it should.As an aside, for ages now in Dendrome, an architect overseer rare was never actually spawning, the drone rare spawning instead. Because of scripting, killing the drone where where the overseer was supposed to spawn would give you credit for both rares. This has just been fixed and will show up in next week's hotfix. At that time, each rare will need to be hunted on their own - no more two for ones. ;)
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