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Hey folks,We'd like to invite you to test the new Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront, the first Warfront in the new Assault Mode. Assault mode features teams of attackers and defenders battling it out over a map. After a team is finished assaulting, either because they run out of time or have conquered the map, the teams switch spots with the defenders being the new attackers.Here's a brief summary of this map and mode from Kerilar:
The Assault on Bronze Tomb is a new 15v15 Assault Mode Warfront.Each team will take a turn attacking and defending the control points through the Warfront.Each Phase has a cap of 7 minutes, 30 seconds.Attackers are always red, defenders are always blue, but you get randomly assigned when you zone in…faction is irrelevant.In the Passage of Fallen Heroes, there are 2 capture points. If either falls the attackers control the room and play moves forward to the Tomb of the First Settlers. There are power ups in the room, jump pads, and a fire trap in this room.In Tomb of the First Settlers there are 4 locations for capture points, but only 2 will be active. The active points change from warfront to warfront and at each side switch. Beware of the spike traps in the side chambers. Powerups are in the central chamber.In the Aurentine Treasure Vault, there is only 1 capture point. The attackers will have an uphill battle! There are 4 Ice Traps, 1 poison fountain, and 2 Defense cannons. The cannons must be activated in the side hallways to be used. Any player can turn them on or off so be careful! If the final room is taken, or 7:30 expires, the match resets putting the attackers on the defending side, and vice versa. To win you need to capture more points, faster than your opponents.Examples:Team 1 Captures 1 room in 7:30. Team 2 needs to capture the second room to win.Team 1 Captures 2 rooms in 7:30. Team 2 needs to capture the third room to win.Team 1 Captures all 3 rooms in 5 minutes. Team 2 needs to capture all 3 rooms in under 5 minutes to win.
Please log on to the Public Test Shard at 3:30 PM Pacific on Friday, July 24, and queue for Assault on Bronze Tomb. After the playtest, please leave feedback in this thread.
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