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the wins aren't enjoyable ocho. the "even" games that are wins (if they aren't a blowout), or at least close, are stressful or unfun because it feels as if i have to do everything to get the win, not because the other team is amazing, but because half my teammates don't even like pvp and/or don't even know what to do to win.there's a lot you could do to remedy this, like adding more documentation and tutorials in game to explain warfront objectives and how they distribute points. one of the major contributing factors to these frustrating wins/losses seems to be players who don't know that one control point gives more points than another, or that npc's in port scion give points, or that the control points in blighted don't give enough points to pull off a win. the complete lack of knowledge on players' parts and lack of documentation inside of rift always has been a huge issue to me and it could be solved quite easily by providing this kind of information in game, possibly in the warfront tab, or by requiring players to go through a short tutorial before they queue for warfronts.
These are the kinds of suggestions I am looking for!
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