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It's just that from the information we have at hand, there appears to be to our knowledge, clear outliers of the system that just don't make any sense.
It looked that way to me too. I spent hours tracking down all sorts of information on numerous particular examples, because I thought "this doesn't make sense to me and I don't understand". And the answers kept coming back "that example is correct, here are the records". When it comes right down, the best way to test if it works is accuracy. Does it produce more even matchmaking and less outliers than other systems. And over large swaths of data you can see that it is pretty darn accurate. Showing that data is impossible, because we'd have to sanitize it of personal and business confidential information after we dug it up in a human readable form. And those who don't want to believe would just say we faked it anyways.So yeah, I totally get the skepticism. I was with you. I did look into it very hard for that very reason. And while I can't immediately show you all the proof, I can at least tell you I'm satisfied that it's working correctly. Not the most reassuring answer, but it's what I've got at the moment.
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