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Also from what I've heard, none of those posts have had satisfactory answers.
I'll get to some of your other questions, but this is at the heart of the issue. Satisfactory answers generally means "they did what I want". If an answer has been posted, but someone doesn't like it for whatever reason, then it's not satisfactory to them even though it is satisfactory to others and complete from our point of view. Every question in your post has been answered in one form or another over the last couple years, but that's the nature of communication. After repeating the answer several times, recognize that some individuals will never be satisfied by the answers.
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I'm glad you took the time to respond Ocho. But I don't understand. From what others have said, apparently gear unification has been mentioned multiple times?
One of the goals for gear unification is to make gear less of a limitation in participating in different aspects of the game. You should be able to use your gear in multiple areas of the game. Anything regarding "bring back PvP gear" is therefore a non-starter for us. Now, if there are other suggestions or questions about gear, then let's talk. For the record, in our opinion, PvP gear is pretty lame. Basically PvP specific gear says, “People already engaged in this activity should have extra advantage over new people regardless of experience and proficiency; new people should get stomped until they learn their place because they have gear deficiencies.” That isn't a good way to get more people PvPing.
And new and existing content?
We create new content, and also reuse old content. This has enormous advantages for players, because they get more content than they would otherwise. Not reusing old content in new ways is wasteful. Old content doesn't get used much these days, and some of it is pretty darn amazing. Why throw it in the dustbin when it can be repurposed and reused in creative ways?
And PvP balance with the bolstering system?
The biggest problem with bolstering involves display issues. It's hard to give concrete details about bolstering, but it’s an area where we could improve, and we chat with the team from time to time. If we could come up with a simple solution, we'd happily improve this situation.As to balance, all four classes have a number of viable souls in PvP. Not every soul is going to be equally useful, similar to PvE. Adapt and make use of different Roles for situational needs. Every variation cannot be equally matched in every situation. There is a skillset in following the meta; understanding different souls and their capabilities in PvP and/or, picking the right one, and making use of Roles and different gear sets.
It saddens me that the main point that I reiterate at the end of my post is that communication needs to be better, and you come in with a response that is equivalent to "tl;dr" Nonetheless I do not think the game is going to "fail" I made a clickbait title to get people to read it, which seems to have worked.
“Clickbait titles” are generally a poor idea; they usually mean that replies to your post don’t end up on dev tracker. I responded the way I did solely because of the clickbait title, as that was the immediate communication need. I've recently restructured my time and other work commitments to spend more time talking to players. Most times I'd follow my own advice which is clickbait titles get no response, you happened to hit on a topic in the title that I felt was time to address again.
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