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elo bugged, not sure why you keep saying its accurate. All who has 4000+ Elo has bugged elo. And a few of the low Elo players as well. And forced 50% win rate actually pathetic and annoying, thus hurt all the ppl who are willing to make efforts to win or do better than the average. Throwing into losing bgs multiple in a row who has more than 60% win rate another part of annoyance just to keep up the balance . So I don't pvp anymore until Elo and matchmaking not fixed. If I don't pvp I have no reason to renew patron anymore as well. I who mostly pvp player I have patron since day 1. Tbh I don't buy credits anymore as I feel we are completely neglected, but my latest patron still alive. But I think this is my last patron period if no changes. +1 for reset.
There isn't a forced 50%. Some folks have higher than 50%, others have lower. The goal of the matchmaker is to make as balanced matches as possible, so it's not just only blowouts. With a completely random system competitive matches are a much more rare than they are now. What advantage do you see in having more unbalanced matches than you have now?
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