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This is a forum to give Trion our love and support and help in any way we can to help them resolve that current issues. If you are here i asked you are nice and productive with helping us members come up with way to help our beloved Trion workers. Trion, I am here today to ask what you could use from me a user of your amazing product RIFT. You have been a amazing company and have really allowed me something in most games i couldn't count on which was keep me [the costumer] informed threw all these issues. Which i appreciate, but let me ask you is there anything i can do as a player to help out? I know you have recently added a few game sand working on another your releasing games to steam and therefore your workforce must be stretch thin as of late. But have you thought of potentially expanding it? there are many ways to do it without a increase in salaries. For example what about us trusted loyal players, if you set up a volunteer program you could get free help from us with a little too much time on our hands. And maybe offer for such volunteers like a free 5 USD credit pack every so offend. It wouldn't cost you a dime and you would have extra help from the client basis you are servicing. I don't have many other ideas at the moment but I am still thinking. I'm asking us all as a gaming community to come together and help you in a tense time instead of having people rant and rave about these issues. Let do our part in trying to come up with ways to help our dear friend here Trion. I'm sorry if i overstepped or I'm out of line, I'm just trying to be part of the solution as a posed to the problem. If i put this in the wrong area please inform me of such Your loyal patron, Raynekia
This is an idea which pops up from time to time and we really appreciate the show up support and desire to help. Unfortunately, things like this in a formalized program are extremely difficult. California labor laws are extremely strict, and we live in an excessively litigious society. The good news is the RIFT team has been adding new folks over time and we're not pulling folks off for games like Devilian or Trove.There is some mobility within the company, people sometimes want a change, but that generally just means we can hire new folks to work on RIFT. The best ways to help are to jump on the test server from time to time and help test stuff, and to let us know how you feel about things when they occur. Those two actions help us develop a better game that is more fun for you. I'll be organizing a playtest next week hopefully for a new PvP feature, if you like PvP I'd love to see you there (assuming the timing works of course).
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