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So far this is what I've figured out (... I think):
  • Every role has an associated element. I'm cleric dps so my element is life.
  • Doing the new weekly lets you pick a planar crafting rift lure. I picked life.
  • From my life crafting rift I have a chance of obtaining the rare material I need to craft the respective life fishing pole.
  • Then I craft a matching lure for my newly crafted life fishing pole to increase chances of fishing up even more planar crafting materials.
Does that sound about right?
Very close. The new poles were added for flavor. The fact that they have a very small chance to fish up materials is simply a bonus. The lures were also added as flavor but do serve as a means to increase your chance to fish up these materials during your normal fishing gameplay. The primary channel for these new planar crafting materials are the crafting rifts in Tarken Glacier.
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