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Though some stuff, like this, I still haven't seen having checked the spot on all shards at least a dozen times.
Ah, that particular spawn point is long, LONG gone. It was... very fragile in its implementation. When I did a clean up pass of worst offenders in IP, I culled that spawn point because the amount of time it would have taken to rebuild in a non-broken way was going to be crazy. At the same time that I culled that spawn point, I removed the version of Mad Hogger that would spawn in Mage's Mark and march straight into town to die. :P On the plus side, Netherworld Wanderer should be much easier now that he no longer runs straight into a foothold within minutes of spawning. Same with the werewolf in Moonshade. :P I also noticed that the red riding hood version of the Stalker of Tears spawn was broken and fixed that as well. Basically, I spent a Sunday at home recently finally getting back to cleaning up some f the old rare spawn issues that had been on my back burner for too long while I was buried under Instant Adventure work.
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