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Ocho asked me to stop by to explain how bonuses stack since there seems to be some confusion as to what stacks with what and where bonuses are applied.First off, there are several types of XP buffs. There are those that cover all experience gained such as the Patron passive buff, D.O.P.E., and the new one from the Ascended Cape (up to level 60). There are also those that only affect XP gained by killing creatures and players such as the Rested XP buff and the RIFT XP bonus currently in effect. Secondly, just about every bonus XP source will stack. The only exceptions are those from the same source.Example 1: Patron 40% bonus, Orange Tier Treasure Map, Transcended XP Vial, Rested XP, and Ascended XP bonus weekend all stack together when applied to kills. That means that on a kill, you are getting 40% (patron) + 10% (Treasure Map) + 160% (XP Vial) + 40% (Rested) + 50% (RIFT Bonus) for a total of 300%. For questing, you would only get 210%.Example 2: Same as above except that you have Black Tier Treasure Map. In this case, because both Treasure Maps are on the same stack group, the Black Tier one would trump the Orange Tier one and thus your totals would be 305% for kills and 215% for everything else.Also, it is important to note that only Rested XP should show on the XP bar. We can look at adding in cumulative bonus display in the future.I hope that clears up some of the confusion about how bonus experience stacks. We try to be as clear as possible on the individual buffs as to if they are for kills only or if they apply to all sources. If you come across as source that you believe to be mislabeled or not working correctly, Please let us know and we'll look into it.Happy Rifting!
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