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Hey Guys, thanks for staying in contact with the update problems. Have you considered though that you are not Gods and sometimes things go wrong. Therefore an upgrade contingency plan may be a good idea to keep your customers from wondering off to some other online game or worst still cleaning the house like me?So promise me you will have a roll-back plan waiting to deploy wherever you an ugrade is scheduled.We could all have been playing Rift right now and for the past many, many hours that the service has been down. Your developers would have less stress and your customers' inconvience would be minimal.Thanks, just a suggestion...
Sometimes this is possible. Sometimes we're changing stuff like how data is stored which makes it hard. Possibly prohibitively hard. So we do it when we can, and when we can't have that sort of backup plan we do our best to do it right.
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Okay Ocho! This is not acceptable! You made watch the ESPY's!!! The ESPY's man!!! I wil see you in Seattle next month and you owe me an apology and a beer. Just be thankful I don't bring any Amnesty International people for your treatment of your player base. The ESPY's man!!!! And Jole Mchale was the host.OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!
I'll* totally buy you that beer.*As a representative of Trion through the vehicle of our party assuming you are of legal drinking age.
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I would rather be waterboarded.
Sorry, I consulted with our HR manager and only community folks are allowed to be waterboarded.
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Also, a thank you is probably in place to the devs. I imagine we players require more patience from you than some server downtime does for us!
Ultimately people are mad because they want to play RIFT. I'm really really really glad they want to play RIFT, and that gets a whole lot of understanding from me.
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game is down all day on my one day off cool whatever...then notice xp wont stack with patron so people who do pay the company are not getting one thing in return thats cool.. no more buying patron for me
The bonus stacks with Patron.
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