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That's a benefit. Could we get a heads up of what is going on from Morgana?
We're deploying code to the servers right now. I really hope Morgana has gone home although I privately doubt it. She has been up since an ungodly hour this morning shepherding the patch process as she always does.
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Hello OchoThank you for the consideration, however like most in this post I believe your offer while very generous doesn't assist/apply to a large group of long term supporters as effectively as less generous offers. You are thanking us for our patience. We are patient because we are loyal. Therefore I suggest loyalty as a future consideration for server outages or another option would be a mark/stone bonus (even at a less percentage 15-25%) for a similar duration as this allows us get the stones that the raiders lost out on what is a very popular raiding night.I do not expect any thing for any kind of outage and totally understand that poop happens. It is just that if an offer is to be made it makes sense that a smaller offer that benefits a larger group of people is more effective than a big offer that benefits a smaller demographic especially when you are just trying to show a sign of good faith.
A reasonable idea I can suggest to the team, it would require engineering work that couldn't be done in time for tomorrow however.
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