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First, I'm really sorry for my English since its not my native language =)We appreciate your effort to make things more smooth with this long waiting for the server to come back. 50% Experience is amazing ;DBut, I think you forget something really important in that "gift". 50% experiece is really good, for ppl who need experience! Favor is really good, for ppl who PVP.Almost all the content from 3.3 have expected by players who already have level 65 chars, so those ppl you thank for the patiente, are the ppl that dont really need 50% experience in they main characters.With all that new stuff on 3.3, I will not uplevel my outs this week to enjoy that 50% experience, I wanna go to my main and enjoy the new content. That what everyone wanna to do.So please,dear Ocho,Could you please, please, give us something more, like 50% currency, or boxes, or anything else that could help not only new and average players, but end game players too?We would really appreacite that.Thks =)
All interesting ideas and I'll bring them up to the dev team. That being said switching the numbers on these types of things isn't easy unless we have code already there to be able to do it. Experience, favor, etc are ones we definitely have code in place to already do.
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