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One quick question as I know others are thinking of it:Will this stack with Patron Bonuses that Patrons already get? If not does that mean Patrons get nothing for our patience?PS. Thank you all over at Trion for trying to get us back up and running asap.
I'll check with the dev team tomorrow morning and confirm. My understanding is they should, but I can't promise that at the moment.
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Thanks, Ocho (and the RIFT team)Even though it wasn't necessary, you still gave us compensation for the downtime. Keep up the good work and efforts! Oh, a few small things really...A luxurious palace made out of gold and tears, accompanied by a staff of servants to cater to their every whim from their bed. A lifetime supply of the most expensive RIFT bundles, free Credits, and level 60 boosts with Raid Gear. Also, Shard First achievements. Can't forget those.A lifetime's worth of Paid Vacation hours from work, so they no longer have to worry about taking days off on big patch days and wasting their time (like they never learn).Not too much to ask for, right?
Me first.
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you are maxed on experience, both level and planar, you are a dreambreaker and have a stack of pvp upgrade marks and a stack of recon vials?
If that is your situation you're doing pretty good. Still if you have ideas for things we might want to do in future situations we're all ears.
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