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ah, i wish to know if i'll have to purchase a separate Shared bank/vault for different shards, eg buy one typhiria, brutwacht and bloodiron each? or if i purchase that one item in store, it'll unlock a (discrete) Shared bank/vault for each shard? is the Shared bank/vault like character slot expansion or a bag slot or hairstyle/color unlock? as in, if you buy+consume one, it'll unlock one on ALL SHARDS, on BOTH EU+NA?or will i have to buy separate Shared vaults for each shard/region i play on? (from your words i assume its the first case, ie, only a one-time purchase is necessary for unlocking this feature on entire account.)
One time purchase.
for question 3 : what i mean to say is, if i delete all chars on a shard, will i lose all items in the Shared vault? if i move a toon into the shard again, will i be able to access the items again?
You won't lose the items.
BONUS QUESTION!! :in the NORMAL BANK vault, if i pay for a 2nd/3rd/etc vault (the thin horizontal bar things which unlock for 800 or such credits (im not 100% sure on price), do THEY unlock for all toons on all shards on all regions (aka accountwide?))
Shared bank is not expandable.
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